Sunday, 30 December 2012

Livin' In The Fridge

Time for a more cheery post. After all, in the words of Noddy Holder: IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAS!

In most ways, Christmas 2012 has been wonderfully standard; lots of food, presents given, presents received (some from my emailed-out-to-family Amazon wishlist), beautifully decorated tree and house, and crazy Uncle and widow-friend of the family round for Christmas lunch. What made it different this year? Well, first of all my Canadian housemate Alex joined us for a few days. She wasn't making the trip back home to Canada so I invited her round to join the Siu household for Christmas. It was lovely having her over and showing her our low-key English Christmas. We even took her to my old school friend's annual Christmas Eve party back in Harrow where I grew up. I think she enjoyed meeting my friend and his family and the "lively conversation" we enjoy every year, as well as the Indian food! The second "difference" comes in the form of the usually-standard Downton Abbey Christmas special. This is usually a joyous occasion where we enter the state of escapism and witness the glorious lives of those above and below stairs at the seat of the Earl of Grantham. Not this year. No siree. This is your polite warning to get off my blog if you have not watched said episode and wish to remain unspoiled by my commentary.


WHAT THE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL? Ruined I tell you, ruined. They (and by "they" I mean Julian Fellowes and Dan fetchin' Stevens) just can't leave a happy couple of new parents alone can they? First they death-do-they-parted precious Lady Sybil & Branson after baby Sibby was born, now Matthew hits a milk cart almost minutes after a moment of paradise with his new family. CURSES. I just. I don't even know what they're on about. If they knew Dan Stevens wasn't staying on, why kill Sybil as well? Whate'er.

The rest of the episode was pretty good, I enjoyed Rose's storyline with the horrid mother and am excited to see her at Downton permanently. Here's hoping she'll shake things up a bit whilst maintaining her likeable persona.

I LOVE LADY EDITH. I'm 89% sure I always have. She's interesting to me; maybe that says more about me than it does her but I've always liked her. She's a bit spunky (remember when she kissed that married farmer!), she has her own magazine column, and now this Mr Rochester-esque editor-dude has the hots for her! I love Jane Eyre so this story of the insane wife isn't so alien to me. Can't wait to find out how they're going to get rid of her. Burning her in her own crazy-chamber would be far too reminiscent of the Charlotte Brontë classic and so Julian better get his thinking cap on.

And lastly, I absolutely HATED the new maid who was perving on Branson. I couldn't help but shout "GET OUT" at the TV multiple times. What a freak. Apparently kissing Branson is not "improper". Get out. I'm glad they sacked her and nipped it in the bud, however I have the uncomfortable feeling that might not be the last we've seen of her.

So yes after that Downton ending, Christmas was definitely over.

p.s I realise at the start of this post I said it would be more cheery, but I could not forsee how much of it would be about DA. Apologies...

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Do I Creep You Out

ANTI-DATING TIPS - things you should do in order to impress your date AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE

- Call your date on your mother's mobile phone
- Ask your date her age
- Ask her how many dates she's been on
- Remember to joke about the multiple dates you've been on since returning from your mission
- Mention money issues (including but not limited to: saying you want to go on a date as SOON as you know when you're getting paid)
- Walk through the door first
- Tug on your date's arm and say "sit a bit closer!"
- Smirk at your date's choice of football team to support
- Choose to take your date to the cinema on a first (let's be honest ONLY) date [See Elder Scott's opinion on cinema dates:]

"That may be great for a married couple, but I think it is a stupid idea for two people trying to get to know each other! If you are a young man trying to get to know a young girl, for heaven’s sake, don’t take her to a movie!"

- Walk your date to the train station/bus stop
- Call or text to make sure your date got home safely
- Take your date to see a film she's already seen


Yes friends, all of the above happened to me. I now have a good "worst date ever" story.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

She Drives Like Crazy


- YAY John won the Great British Bake Off
- I need to eat Chiffon cake pronto
- I've been watching the US Presidential election debates
- The Mormons for Romney are sounding A LOT more rational than the Mormons for Obama camp at the moment
- I got my institute teacher out of chair football with a header, it was glorious
- Chemistry is hard
- Physical Chemistry is like gibberish to me
- Professor Preece is pushing the mantra "Chemistry is fun" on us students
- Professor Tuckett is barking mad
- I'm exceptionally excited for Skyfall to be released


I had a wonderful weekend last week. Full of dancing, making new friends, cultivating old friendships and inflatable twister.

Friday afternoon we set off for London. It took far too long despite the title of this blog entry, but the drive was good in that we had great music and we entered the bounds of London just before sundown. There were some great views as we made our way across the city west to east, destination Canary Wharf. My favourite of which was seeing the Shard and St. Paul's in the distance against an orange sky. Perfection! And by the time we got to Canada Square it was dark. I'd never been that close to Canary Wharf and the other "skyscrapers" before and it was absolutely astounding! Glitzy, shiny, glassy, spangly. All of those words. We got changed into our dresses in a very posh toilet in the shopping mall. There was marble everywhere so I didn't feel too shabby getting changed in there.

So the main thing I want to get across to you is that I LOVE MY DRESS. It's the most expensive dress I've ever owned (which my mother took great pleasure in telling facebook on the photo) and for good reason. It's silk and bought from an emporium in Hong Kong. Red and silver with dragons on it; the longest Chinese dress I have, falling down to at least my ankles. So pretty. And the best thing of all: it fits perfectly.

Anyway enough dress appreciation. The whole point of all this is that we had tickets to the (hopefully) annual Thames Boat Dance. Put 500 Mormons on a boat on a Friday night and you get a number of results:
1) Questionable dress standards
2) A sweaty, smelly dance floor
3) Great people you can chat or dance with
4) Absolutely no drunks :)
5) Lots of photos being taken

It was a good time.

So the following day we had the Birmingham activity day and homecoming dance. I thought the day activity went really well! Good food, great people and a chilled atmosphere where socialising was encouraged. I met a lot of new people and even a few I reckon I could be good friends with in the future. The dance was also good. I wasn't wearing as nice a dress but I was comfortable and therefore relaxed. Again I had the opportunity to talk to good friends; caught up with one of my co-counsellors from efy, got to know some acquaintances even better and also fangirled about the new Les Mis movie. Did I mention cake? Good cake.

So it was a busy weekend topped off with a baptism on Sunday which was glorious. Today a friend texted me about our lunch gathering at uni saying: "yay! Mormon gathering!" I thought about this phrase for a sec and concluded that apart from my university lectures and choir, my life is basically a Mormon gathering! And that's the way I like it.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

When I Was Your Age

So, am I supposed to be amused when a guy who's just asked me on a date tells me that I remind him of a video game character? A video game character named "Chun-Li" no less, the "first lady of fighting games"....

Oh kids, don't be obsessive video gamers when you grow up yeah? So then I won't have to be all authoritarian on you about hours on the future-console-with-fancier-name-than-PlayStation.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Another Tattoo

So at the end of the last blog post I said I would give a report on my "favourite men of the Olympics". Ha. Well, Sir Chris Hoy is a beast as always. Two events; two gold medals. Did we expect anything less from our Knight of the Realm? As for Usain Bolt, he also won 100% gold for his three events; the 100m and 200m sprints and the 4x100m relay. He was the showman as ever, taking photos with one of the photographer's cameras and even doing the "Mobot" while our own Mo Farah (newly inducted Favourite Man of the Olympics [FMotO]) did the Bolt. Incredible to watch.

And then young Thomas. He managed to get his tanned hands on a Bronze medal! I was at EFY at the time (more on that later) so didn't get to watch it live, but after a shocking preliminary round and a well improved semi-final, he really did save the best for last. His dad really would have been proud. Not so sure his dad would have been proud of the tattoo he now seems to have procured :S I hate tattoos. I wish he hadn't done it, he's disfigured his beautiful body! Cough.
So along with Mo Farah, who are my newly inducted FMotOs? [I'm pretty sure that acronym will catch on]

Sir Chris Hoy
Usain Bolt
Thomas Daley
Oscar Pistorius
Bradley Wiggins
Andy Murray
Novak Djokovic [no medal :'(]
Yannick Agnel
Chad's dad

Mo Farah
Kristian Thomas - gymnast
Anthony Joshua (his gold postbox is on Watford High Street!)
Does Mr. Bean count?

So the Olympics ended and EFY (especially for youth) began! The two weeks away from civilisation helped with the post-Olympic depression. I didn't have the chance to contract this terrible disease as I was dancing, singing and counselling away at the University of Nottingham and East Midlands Conference Centre. I was volunteering as a "counsellor" leader for this summer programme for kids at my church from all over the country (my church being The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ie the Mormons). It was SO tiring, SO much fun and SO little sleep!

The programme runs for a week using facilities at UoN and during that time I am given around 10 girls to chaperone the whole time, that includes being with them at mealtimes, teaching them gospel lessons, teaching them to dance, showing them how to study the scriptures and much more! It's a full on week and I ended up volunteering for two weeks. I had the best time. The youth of the church find great strength in being in such a big group for this time, we had around 500 kids both weeks. It's so good to see them making friends with people who have similar standards and backgrounds to them, and generally having a good time and feeling the spirit without worrying so much about feeling insecure or self conscious. At times I just wished I could take all those inhibitions away and see them fly, see them fulfil their potential! The theme was about missionary work and how they should "Arise and Shine Forth", showing their examples and being a good force for the world. I really hope they took it to heart, they (we) have the greatest opportunity to share what our church is about because people our age will inevitably ask the big questions.

I had fantastic co-counsellors. In the first week I was in a triple...companionship? And then the second week it was just the two of us. They were great examples to me and I think we all worked well, we looked out for each other. And the kids? They were EPIC! So many of them showed me what being a disciple of Christ is all about. And while some of them were shy and unsure of themselves, I know that if they keep going to church, seminary and all of those other amazing activities, open their mouths about the gospel and continue to find out who they really are, they can and will change the world! [I'm embracing the cheese people!]

So life after efy? I slept, a lot. I went in to my beautiful London twice. I went up to the new house in Birmingham with a bunch of my stuff. I am so looking forward to my last year at university! The house is DOUBLE GLAZED! What luxury. It even has a dishwasher. It will be so confusing...where are all the dishes? That's if people load it. I have two new housemates and they both seem wonderful! I am looking forward to showing them round Birmingham and showing them the ropes as they are both new to the city. Thing is, they'll probably get there before me so there's a high chance they'll be settled in fine by the time I get there in three weeks! I'm going to Wales on a family holiday next week. I'm hoping the sun will grace my presence on the sandy beach at Aberporth and that it will allow us some late evenings playing volleyball at the Wilcox campsite :)

Me and my holiday hat <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

One More Minute

I just remembered a few important events in my life that need to be documented before I upload the new blog post...



Before you ask, of course going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour is a major life event!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Isle Thing


I watched every second, every sheep, every suffragette of the Opening Ceremony. My brother had already been to a technical rehearsal for the ceremony in the week and from his patriotic reaction I knew we were in for quite the show! I loved the use of VTs superbly created by BBC Drama and was enthralled by the atmospheric music and greatly moving scenes from Britain's history. What a treat it was. My family and I were cracking up big time as Mr Bond arrived at the Palace to escort Her Majesty to the stadium. This was funny enough but then the helicopter appeared and there were the Corgis whimpering at the sight of their mistress being whisked away! Other highlights included Rowan Atkinson's return to Mr. Bean (I must say I was slightly disappointed that Teddy did not appear but then I remembered among other accidents, he/she was decapitated at one point), Kenneth Branagh and the I.K. Brunel sideburns (better than Bradley Wiggins'), multiple Mary Poppins' drifting in with lit umbrellas and henceforth destroying Voldey and of course, the awe-inspiring, breathtaking Olympic Cauldron. To incorporate all the country flags on the grassy mound and gather those copper petals together to form that beautiful cauldron was sublime. Bravo, Thomas Heatherwick, you genius! (I'm allowed to sound/be pompous when talking about the Olympic Games)

So after two days of competitive sport, what have I been watching? I've watched both the Men's and Women's ROAD RACES, very exciting towards the end when you've got a British rider absolutely going for it however this was unfortunately only the case during the Women's. After a lot of hype, the GB Men's team just stuck together while other countries and their tactics zoomed by. The commentators weren't much help; continuing hopes that we would be able to come through, until it became so obviously too late that they had to back out of previous statements. Lizzie Armitstead secured GB's first medal coming second behind Marianna Vos of The Netherlands who sprinted to victory in the Womens Road Race.

Also been keeping an eye on my beloved TENNIS! Murray and Djokovic both through to the second round, Murray in 2 and Djokovic in 3 sets. I'm not sure I like best of 3! I generally only watch the Grandslams and so it's hard to adjust and accept sets lost here and there when the margins are so narrow. Still, Murray had a tough opening opponent and he blew him out of Centre Court 63 63, all the way back to the Olympic Park where Wawrinka had carried the Swiss flag the night before due to Federer politely rejecting the offer to carry it a third time. As @PseudoFed says, so #humble!

New favourite to watch might actually be BEACH VOLLEYBALL! Apart from the gratuitous Women's "outfits", it's quite compelling and I just love the location at Horse Guards Parade. When I've dropped round to see the Queen in the last couple of weeks, I have been slightly annoyed that the Mall has been closed but now I see it was all worth it :)

As always we've been watching the CANOE SLALOM. Really good fun and it's very easy to assume you know everything about it. You can comment away at the different runs and times the Olympians make after just seeing a couple go through the course. Our man David Florence (2008 Silver Medallist in Beijing) is into the Semi-final so good news there. Fun fact for you, he grew up on the same road as fellow Olympian Sir Chris Hoy in Edinburgh!

Finally we've been keeping another eye on TABLE TENNIS and today we spotted Alistair! I was messaging him via facebook asking him questions about his position as Audio Playback Engineer at the Excel Centre and asked him to stand up so we could check his whereabouts, and there he was! He'll get to play National Anthems towards the end of the tournament. No joking, it'll probably be China's!

I'm in the process of trying to work out HANDBALL. It looks so relaxed and free that I am sceptical whether it actually has any rules!
Agnel's teammates realise they have struck GOLD! Competitor on the left looks on in disbelief.

Last but not least SWIMMING! Phelps not looking as dominant as in Beijing, his compatriot Ryan Lochte won Gold on Saturday for the 400m Individual Medley and today the USA Team only managed Silver in the 4x100m Freestyle Relay. They led the whole way and then in the last 50m, France's Yannick Agnel swam the length of his life completely bypassing Lochte to secure France's second Gold Medal of the Games so far. As traditional British folk we are usually critical of France and not their biggest supporters but the underdog spirit overtook leading me and mum to both cheer for France and then look forward to hearing La Marseillaise on the podium! Team GB's second medal was to come from Beijing's "Golden Girl" Rebecca Adlington, whose 800m final in Beijing 2008 I woke up for in the middle of the night to watch. She got a cracking Bronze in her less-than-favourite 400m Freestyle event. Not too shabby.

Athletics, Track Cycling and Men's Diving haven't got going yet, so watch this space for reports on my favourite men of the Olympics!: Usain Bolt, Sir Chris Hoy and Thomas Daley!

P.s Kids, as much as I would like Tom Daley to be your father, it ain't gonna happen. I'm no #cradlesnatcher.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Such a Groovy Guy

Wimbledon has taken over my life. If you are a friend of mine on facebook this fact will be very obvious to you. No fewer than the last 13 items I have posted have been Wimbledon related. Where to start?

On Tuesday 26th June I hopped on a Southern Line train to West Brompton then a District line tube to Southfields station. Met up with friends from Birmingham on the way and we joined "The Queue" in Wimbledon Park (not to be confused with the Wombles' common). 25 hours later and we're sat on Centre Court at The All England Tennis club. Happy days. And while the queueing is tiresome, we had fun and it was nice being in a larger group than last year.

Most of our time was spent haggling over the price of dodgy pizza, mastering our house rules in Uno, sleeping and rejoicing/groaning about our relative positions in the card game "Bums and Presidents". The pizza thing was funny, managed to get £73 worth of pizza down to £24 by driving a hard bargain with a guy who was coming along the queue handing out leaflets. We handed over the money and he said he would make the order for us. 10 minutes later..."did we just give our money to someone before we even got the pizza?" For a split second we thought we'd be conned but the pizza came and faith was restored. Lesson learnt!

Centre Court is just amazing. I like it when things seem bigger in real life compared to TV. The BBC coverage doesn't do it justice (an example of the opposite is the Royal Albert Hall but I'll come back to that later). The matches we saw were fantastic:

A supreme exhibition from ever-classy Federer, a failing Wozniacki 3-setter where I didn't know who to support!, a very tidy show from the mum-of-one and soon-to-retire Kim Clijsters and the man we camped for... Novak Djokovic.

What can I say kids? This was the day I MET your father! Haha I wish. I'm not one to be a home wrecker as Mr Nole is already married, but as Tina says: "It's not over till there's kids!" Yes yes, we rubbed shoulders with the best of them. Here's a list of the rich and famous we saw during the day:

Nick Hewer of the Apprentice
Richard Bacon of Blue Peter and 5Live fame
HRH Prince Charles
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Sir Bruce Forsyth and wife Wilnelia, former Miss World
Lord Sebastian Coe
Stefan Edberg, former World No.1 and 6-time grand slam winner
John Inverdale, BBC Presenter
and a bunch of world class tennis players of course :)

The most exciting thing was going up to get autographs after Djokovic's match. Up we rushed just as he won his match point, trying to get in position. Tina was of course, the first person he went up to! She asked him for his sweatband and he obliged, signing it before handing it over. I was standing further down the line thinking "oh my goodness lucky dawg!" Little did I know that he would come along the line, see me shaking my Serbian coloured banner at him, take it from me to sign it, smile right at me(!!!) hear me say feebly "I made you a banner!" then smile again, reach into his pocket for the other sweatband, sign it and hand it to me! I nearly died on the spot. It's sitting on my shelf in all its glory. Life may not ever be able to reach the heights of that peak. Swoon.

So the whole day was fantastic, we got almost 11 hours of tennis and with Centre Court tickets priced at £56 a pop, I think that's money well spent!

It's been a busy two weeks or so. On 21st June the day after my 20th Birthday I went to see Carrie Underwood in her first ever UK concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I love this venue so much so when I heard that was where her concert would take place I jumped at the chance to go. She was absolutely incredible and put on the best live gig I have ever been to. Her new album is on repeat and she did loads of songs from her previous three albums. Love her to bits.

And then I went to Liverpool for "The Genesis Project" convention! It was so well organised and not too big that I met some lovely people. I was also so impressed with the city centre! It really is beautiful and much nicer than Birmingham I have to say! They have the Mersey at the heart of it with nice big buildings and an open feel. Not sure about the accent though. The highlights of the convention were the boat dance complete with Where's Wally? theme and then the Sunday meetings which felt more like comedy shows! I enjoy it when our church leaders have a sense of humour, especially when speaking with YSA; I think we need it!

Epic blog post over, but you can look forward to reports on future events such as a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, my first wedding as a Maid of Honour and efy! So long...

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Eat It

Today I had the Sister Missionaries over for dinner for the first time. We have the missionaries over for dinner sometimes at home but I'd never hosted them all by myself before! I made my go-to dish; Singapore Rice Noodles. It's my favourite chinese takeaway dish and I think I've finally perfected the taste! Secret ingredient is Oyster Sauce - it's full of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate C5H8NNaO4 [IUPAC name: Sodium 2-Aminopentanedioate]) and small prawns are essential too. They seemed to enjoy it! I've been making it ever since I've been a student who can't afford to get chinese takeaway. Delish. I gave them rocket lollies for dessert as I'm trying to use up all my food before moving out at the rocket lollies count as "food"? I also gave Sister Turnbow a Boost chocolate bar, citing it as "continuing her education in English chocolate". The first time I met her I had Double Deckers for them (the sisters) however her companion "didn't eat chocolate" so she got the whole pack of 4!. And now she has a different companion who also doesn't eat chocolate! Sister Shorters doesn't eat it for a better reason than "health" though. She made a bargain with her Dad that she wouldn't eat chocolate for a year in order for him to give up smoking if she succeeded. The sisters are great. It's so obvious that they get on really well. They're not silly either, we had a good chat about loads of things and it was a pleasure having them over. The Elders in the ward are very good too. Shouldn't compare them or "rate" them but they are some of the best we've had for a while :)

I've been packing today. The walls look bare and the floor is covered with boxes and books and bags. I won't miss the house. It's pretty grotty but it is nice and big. This room I've been habiting for the last 10 months is the biggest room I've ever had. I started life in a box room, moving on to a medium sized room in Watford, moved out for the first time and had a small room with en suite in halls, then downsized back at home in Watford leaving my old room for my brother to completely fill with his clutter and then this year I am in this massive high-ceilinged Victorian master bedroom! I have never had to share a room. I guess this will change after I've met your father, kids. Once, I expressed my love for double beds on facebook and someone responded saying "wait till you have to share a bed!" I'll cross that bridge when I have to :S !

Moving swiftly on, I had a great weekend! It was full of tennis and football (watching, not playing) and great people. Tina and I got to go round the Sagals' home on Friday and Sunday and we had a blast with them. Sadly Djokovic did not complete the non-calendar year grand slam but he's still one of my favourites. Hopefully I'll get to see him play at WIMBLEDON 2012! We're going to camp again. Excited.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Saga Begins...

I had a brainwave. I've not been keeping my journal very well (at all actually, I was pretty good at it until my first relationship ended and then I never wanted to record anything after that, lame I know!) :( So I thought I'd try the blog format in order to record my life and show it to the kids one day.

I finished my 2nd year Chemistry exams 2 weeks and 2 days ago, so I've been chillin' and doing a lot of nothing. I've recently been re-watching the TV show, "How I Met Your Mother". Being a girl, my brainwave was to turn this show's premise around and record the story of my pre-marital life so it'll be easier to tell my future posterity. Basically I want to do the hard work in the present, so I can be lazy later!

Where to start? I was born on 20th June 1992. I am currently 19 years, 11 months and 18 days old. Down to the minute as I wrote that last sentence at 22:57, the exact time the midwife declared that I had left my mother's uterus. Eww.

I lived a pretty good life from then on. Born to a father and mother who are converts of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I was brought up with good values, two older brothers (now 27 and 23), a good sense of humour and GREAT taste in music...obviously! When I turned 18 I thought life had only just begun, and it kind of only had. Having a birthday in June at the end of the academic year, it felt like everything changed at once. The summer of 2010 I left school, finished seminary, became a YSA (Young Single Adult), went on a music tour to Venice, Italy, got a great tan, left home for university and got a bank account. It hit me pretty hard and I loved it. In fact I love it. I enjoy my life and the things I'm involved with. And that's the beauty of it, I do everything I do because it interests me. There's no more being made to mix with certain people because they're in my school class and I have no choice but to fraternise with them. I have choices. My agency is very important to me, it's something God handed over to me a long time ago.

Right now I'm sitting in bed in Edgbaston, Birmingham where I have been living for the best part of the last two years. I'll be packing up my things over the next week or so ready to go back to Watford, NW London which is home. We've lived there since April 2009 when we moved out of my childhood home in Harrow. I wasn't sad to leave the old house, the new one is AWESOME! The location is much nicer, greener and has more of a community feeling. Oh, and did I mention there aren't any drug dealers across the road unlike the Harrow house? It's the little things ;)

So what do I want my future kids to know? I don't know! But I want there to be an account of my life just in case they're the littlest bit interested. And it should be fun posting about the good, the bad and the ugly.

Oh and baby-daddy, wherever you are. You'll appear on here someday, so be cool yeah?

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