Thursday, 27 September 2012

When I Was Your Age

So, am I supposed to be amused when a guy who's just asked me on a date tells me that I remind him of a video game character? A video game character named "Chun-Li" no less, the "first lady of fighting games"....

Oh kids, don't be obsessive video gamers when you grow up yeah? So then I won't have to be all authoritarian on you about hours on the future-console-with-fancier-name-than-PlayStation.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Another Tattoo

So at the end of the last blog post I said I would give a report on my "favourite men of the Olympics". Ha. Well, Sir Chris Hoy is a beast as always. Two events; two gold medals. Did we expect anything less from our Knight of the Realm? As for Usain Bolt, he also won 100% gold for his three events; the 100m and 200m sprints and the 4x100m relay. He was the showman as ever, taking photos with one of the photographer's cameras and even doing the "Mobot" while our own Mo Farah (newly inducted Favourite Man of the Olympics [FMotO]) did the Bolt. Incredible to watch.

And then young Thomas. He managed to get his tanned hands on a Bronze medal! I was at EFY at the time (more on that later) so didn't get to watch it live, but after a shocking preliminary round and a well improved semi-final, he really did save the best for last. His dad really would have been proud. Not so sure his dad would have been proud of the tattoo he now seems to have procured :S I hate tattoos. I wish he hadn't done it, he's disfigured his beautiful body! Cough.
So along with Mo Farah, who are my newly inducted FMotOs? [I'm pretty sure that acronym will catch on]

Sir Chris Hoy
Usain Bolt
Thomas Daley
Oscar Pistorius
Bradley Wiggins
Andy Murray
Novak Djokovic [no medal :'(]
Yannick Agnel
Chad's dad

Mo Farah
Kristian Thomas - gymnast
Anthony Joshua (his gold postbox is on Watford High Street!)
Does Mr. Bean count?

So the Olympics ended and EFY (especially for youth) began! The two weeks away from civilisation helped with the post-Olympic depression. I didn't have the chance to contract this terrible disease as I was dancing, singing and counselling away at the University of Nottingham and East Midlands Conference Centre. I was volunteering as a "counsellor" leader for this summer programme for kids at my church from all over the country (my church being The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ie the Mormons). It was SO tiring, SO much fun and SO little sleep!

The programme runs for a week using facilities at UoN and during that time I am given around 10 girls to chaperone the whole time, that includes being with them at mealtimes, teaching them gospel lessons, teaching them to dance, showing them how to study the scriptures and much more! It's a full on week and I ended up volunteering for two weeks. I had the best time. The youth of the church find great strength in being in such a big group for this time, we had around 500 kids both weeks. It's so good to see them making friends with people who have similar standards and backgrounds to them, and generally having a good time and feeling the spirit without worrying so much about feeling insecure or self conscious. At times I just wished I could take all those inhibitions away and see them fly, see them fulfil their potential! The theme was about missionary work and how they should "Arise and Shine Forth", showing their examples and being a good force for the world. I really hope they took it to heart, they (we) have the greatest opportunity to share what our church is about because people our age will inevitably ask the big questions.

I had fantastic co-counsellors. In the first week I was in a triple...companionship? And then the second week it was just the two of us. They were great examples to me and I think we all worked well, we looked out for each other. And the kids? They were EPIC! So many of them showed me what being a disciple of Christ is all about. And while some of them were shy and unsure of themselves, I know that if they keep going to church, seminary and all of those other amazing activities, open their mouths about the gospel and continue to find out who they really are, they can and will change the world! [I'm embracing the cheese people!]

So life after efy? I slept, a lot. I went in to my beautiful London twice. I went up to the new house in Birmingham with a bunch of my stuff. I am so looking forward to my last year at university! The house is DOUBLE GLAZED! What luxury. It even has a dishwasher. It will be so confusing...where are all the dishes? That's if people load it. I have two new housemates and they both seem wonderful! I am looking forward to showing them round Birmingham and showing them the ropes as they are both new to the city. Thing is, they'll probably get there before me so there's a high chance they'll be settled in fine by the time I get there in three weeks! I'm going to Wales on a family holiday next week. I'm hoping the sun will grace my presence on the sandy beach at Aberporth and that it will allow us some late evenings playing volleyball at the Wilcox campsite :)

Me and my holiday hat <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

One More Minute

I just remembered a few important events in my life that need to be documented before I upload the new blog post...



Before you ask, of course going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour is a major life event!
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